Lactate Threshold Test

Fit-Report is a network of body composition and performance testing centres across the UK and Ireland.
Used by professional athletes, teams and fitness enthusiasts.

Why get tested?

  • Scientifically assess your fitness or body composition

  • Gain insights that other technology cannot provide

  • Discuss your results 1-on-1 with a Sport Scientist

  • Obtain advice on areas of development  

  • Compare your results and benchmark against others


  • Make informed changes to your training

  • Optimise your performance


  • Knowledge is power

1. Find your nearest centre

2. Choose your test

3. Choose a time and date

4. Get tested

How it works

Who should get tested?

 Our facilities are used by athletes, teams and fitness enthusiasts from the following sporting industries:

  • Crossfit

  • Athletics

  • Cycling

  • Triathlon

  • Combat Sports

  • Team Sports

  • Weightlifting 

  • Body Building

Contact us

If you have any queries or wish to contact Fit-Report for any other reason, please e-mail: 


Alternatively, fill in the contact form below. We aim to respond within 24 hours.


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