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VO2 Max Test


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Key benefits:
  • This is the gold-standard test of cardiovascular fitness.

  • Testing provides a clear, unbiased measure of your aerobic capability.

  • The entire test is performed by a dedicated Sport Scientist.

  • Starting with a slow walking pace, the intensity is increased at intervals until you reach your maximum effort. 

  • Tests can also be performed on static exercise bikes or Concept2 rowing machines.

  • Your consumption of Oxygen is measured throughout the test.

  • Your "VO2 Max" is the volume of oxygen you are able to process at the point of your max effort.

  • Your results are then discussed 1-on-1 with your dedicated Sport Scientist.

  • The appointment (testing and follow-up discussion) takes 30 minutes to complete.

What do I need to prepare for a test?

If you are undergoing testing should be completely rested and motivated to perform optimally and endure the stress long enough to your find true VO2 max.

Why should I get tested?

If you don't already know you should be getting tested, read our blog post to find out why!



What do I need to wear?

For performances testing you should wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable and will allow to perform optimally.

How often should I get tested?

This will vary be individual. However, to obtain the most valuable insights and value, tests should be undertaken at the following times:

  1. For those undertaking focused training program e.g. an 8 or 12-week high intensity training programme, testing should be performed before and after this program.

  2. For professionals and semi-professionals in specific seasonal sports e.g. Rugby, Football, Hockey, Bodybuilding. Testing should be undertaken pre-season, mid-season and post-season and we also recommend off-season. For athletes in non-seasonal sports e.g. cycling, triathlon, combat sprots, testing should be undertaken at regular intervals.

Is there a risk from testing?

The VO2 Max test takes place on a treadmill, bike or rower. The usual risks associated with any high intensity exercise on these machines apply.

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